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Data of more than 1million books curated from authentic sources, buying links, reviews, articles, blogs, interviews, videos and much more.
Browse the books of your choice and get them from authentic sources.
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Subscription Website

A platform for authors, translators, editors, publishers and everybody associated with books and publishing industry to make a website in minutes.
Just subscribe and create your own website in minutes. Making & maintaining a subscription website need no technical assistance. Free & paid subscriptions available.
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Ad campaign

If you’re a website subscriber or have hired us to develop your custom website we can run ad campaigns for you and your business on different platforms. Let’s talk about it in a bit detail.
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Customise Web Development

We develop customised website as per your specific requirements. From Personal websites to E-commerce, SAAS Platform & marketplaces we develop customise website to meet your specific requirements.
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Website Audit

Every website can be improved by clearing the clutter and adding relevant sections. If you’ve a website and not satisfied with it’s performance you can get it audited by us. We’ll share a detailed report of merits, shortcomings and suggestion to improve.
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Theme Optimization

You’ve made a website with shopify / wordpress or some other theme but not satisfied with it. Our expert team can optimise it. Although a theme based website can never be as efficient as a tailor made / customised website yet it can perform much better after optimization.
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Advertise with us

We’ve more than 1 million pages listed on search engines and active traffic on them. You can advertise your products there. If interested write us a mail describing your requirements and budget. If it matches our policies we’ll revert in 3 business days.
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Domain Registration & Security

Find a domain name that represent you and your activities. Register a domain with us at lowest prices. We also provide SSL certification security services for the domains. Find, Register and secure your domain here.
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