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Devi Dharisanam
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Devi Dharisanam

4.1 out of 5
Publisher Vikatan Publication
Synopsis We give women respect for our tradition. This is because the role of women in the family is very important, regardless of the pride, pride, pleasure and enthusiasm of a family. That is why we give women the unique status` Priority. We see women as a force of strength. We worship it in worship. There are numerous places in our nation for power. For Tamilnadu, there are shrines for Mother Goddess, Kali, Durga, Gowmar, Muthumari, among many others. The blessings of the devotees who come with a lot of anxiety have a lot to say, to marry, child boon, chronic illness, to act decisively. Of these, the oldest and most famous temples built during the rule of the kings were very popular. The book is a collection of essays published in the power plant, with clear information, such as the temple of the Goddess in the temples, the temple structure, the temple`s location, the veneration of the temple. Information about the events such as festivals, banners, theoretical and therapeutic festival are also detailed. This book is not only for studying, but also a wonderful book that can guide you in person.

Enjoying reading this book?
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  • Language: Tamil
  • Publisher: Vikatan Publication
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  • ISBN: 97881846763584
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