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Mathippukkoottum Manthiram
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Mathippukkoottum Manthiram

4.3 out of 5
Publisher Vikatan Publication
Synopsis To feed the farmers, cultivating fruits and vegetables without getting water. If you wait for a while, you can sell it as soon as you know that the products can be sold at a higher price. If you do not keep the vegetables and fruits in a hurry, they can be converted into fruit or other form. The author of this book describes a number of ways to sell and protect the value of the profit and the convenience of the farmers. Not only vegetables are not only fruit and fruits but also efficient and careful preservation of paddy crops. Methods that do not damage the pests of the rice, the methods of decorating the fruits in modern fashion, the shortage of fruits and the fruits that do not produce small amounts of fruit, the fruits are quickly damaged by overheating. The fruits are breathed up by the secret of protecting them at low temperatures` The author of the book breaks down many secrets of their breathing wax coating. Explaining the value of the product`s products, he describes the use of the equipment, the way it sets it, the proper handling and the maintenance. The Green Varadan is a series of serials that can be used as a beneficial book in your hands.

Enjoying reading this book?
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  • Language: Tamil
  • Publisher: Vikatan Publication
  • Pages:
  • Binding: PaperBack
  • ISBN: 9788184765847
  • Category: Nature, Wildlife & Environment
  • Related Category: Enviroment & Wildlife
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