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At markmybook we work to make social commerce better by synchronizing information available across web world. We collect and use information about users, web store subscribers, resources to Simplify Connect. Our mission is to empower users make informed decisions while shopping online.

We take utmost care that we don’t violate any user, web store owner, online portal’s personal, business related, intellectual property related information or data while synchronizing information. We gather information available in public domain and sync that for users to make an informed decision while shopping online.

This Privacy Policy will help you better understand how we collect, use, and share your personal information. At intervals we may update the policy to make social commerce a better experience for users and web store owners. For any significant changes we keep you posted via mail, company blog and dashboard / profile notifications.

Your Trust Is Our Strength
Mutual trust enables us do right things for you with your information. We follow certain values & ethicsto develop and update our product and services. These shall help you better understand how we think about your information and privacy.

It belongs to you

We limit the information we collect only to the extent to serve you better. We don’t share it with parties who have no say in offering you a service or product you require. We don’t keep records of the information not required after a certain period of time. Our develop keep in mind that no module is developed, used by third party that may any point of time ask for any personal or confidential information. Each product and service is build keeping privacy and security in mind.

Third Party Protection

We protect your information from others. If the web store owners require user’s information it is restricted only up to the extent of updates about their offers, In any caser no personal information is shared with third parties which by any law or ethic is considered violation of privacy. When we are legally required to share your personal information, we will inform you in advance, unless we are legally forbidden.

Privacy Obligation for Web Store owners

Many of the merchants and partners using markmybook Web Store services doesn’t have the privacy team to help them out and it become important for us to safeguard both web store owners and users. To do this we make sure that products and services we develop for web store owners automatically meet the privacy and security concrens of the users.

We also provide detailed FAQs, documentation and whitepapers covering the most important privacy topics, and respond to privacy-related questions we receive.

Why do we process your information

We process your information when we need to do so to fulfill a contractual obligation or where we or someone we work with needs to use your personal information for a reason related to their business (for example, to provide you with a service).

We only process personal information for these “legitimate interests” after considering the potential risks to your privacy—for example, by providing clear transparency into our privacy practices, offering you control over your personal information where appropriate, limiting the information we keep, limiting what we do with your information, who we send your information to, how long we keep your information, or the technical measures we use to protect your information.

One of the ways in which we are able to help merchants using markmybook software is by using techniques like machine learning / big data analysis / AI research to help us improve our services. When we use any of the aforementioned techniques we make sure that

Your rights over your information

  1. We believe you should be able to access and control your personal information no matter where you live. Depending on how you use markmybook, you may have the right to request access to, correct, amend, delete, port to another service provider, restrict, or object to certain uses of your personal information (for example, direct marketing). We will not charge you more or provide you with a different level of service if you exercise any of these rights.

  1. If you make a decision to buy something via a web store powered with markmybook software and wish to exercise your buying rights of online shopping, you need to directly contact the website, e-commerce portal or service provider you’ve bought service or product. We only synchronize information to enable users make an informed decision. Our role seizes once the user has been redirected to any external website or e-commerce portal. As such we can only forward your request to the relevant web store owner and allow them to respond. We will definitely provide web store owners much needed help to do so by providing tools and by answering their questions.

  1. Please be noted that if you send us a request related with your personal information, we have to make sure that it is you before we can respond. In order to do so, we may ask to see documentation verifying your identity, which we will discard after verification.

  1. If you’re a web store owner and would like to designate an authorized agent to exercise the rights you’ve to email us from the email address we have on file foryou . If you email us from a different email address, we cannot determine if the request is coming from you and will not be able to accommodate the request. In your email, please include the name and email address of your authorized agent.

  1. If you are not happy with our response to a request, you can contact us to resolve the issue. You also have the right to contact your local data protection or privacy authority at any time.

  1. Finally, because there is no common understanding about what a “Do Not Track” signal is supposed to mean, we don’t respond to those signals in any particular way.

Where we send data

We are an Indian company, but we work with and process data about individuals and businesses across the world. To operate our business, we may send your personal information outside of your state, province, or country, This data may be subject to the laws of the countries where we send it. When we send your information across borders, we take steps to protect your information, and we try to only send your information to countries that have strong data protection laws.

Finally, while we do what we can to protect your information, we may at times be legally required to disclose your personal information (for example, if we receive a valid court order).

How do we protect your information?

We maintain higher standards of privacy and our team work to protect your information, and to ensure the security and integrity of our platform. However, we all know that no data transmission & electronic storage method over the Internet is 100% secured. This means we cannot guarantee the absolute security of your personal information.

How do we use cookies?

When we provide you our services we do use cookies and similar tracking technologies on our platform.

How you can reach us?

In case you’ve questions about information collection, storage, usage and our privacy policy you can reach us via mail at [email protected] mentioning ‘Privacy Policy’ in subject line. You can reach us for any grievance here also,

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