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Every individual or business entity who contributes in creating any form of content is a creator. This content can be a book, blog, cartoon strip, comics, column, vlog, video, podcast or any other form which a user consumes in physical or online form. Thus an author, editor, book designer, illustrator, cartoonist, columnist, blogger, online story writer, publishing house, literary agency and every other individual or business entity who contributes in creating content is a creator.

In simple terms an online store which the owner can create and control is a webstore. Here on the markmybook platform it means more than that. A webstore at markmybook not only gives freedom to create & control the webstore but also enables the subscribing web stores with much needed traffic and user base.

A webstore at markmybook is all configured with SEO & SEM techniques. As a webstore owner you’ve to just input the information and rest of the things are taken care by markmybook’s tech team and software. Moreover the subscription for a webstore at markmybook is offered at a very affordable price. In fact the subscription price is so low that promoting a post on any social media platform is costlier.

A webstore can be set up in three simple steps. Just with the signup you get the ownership of a webstore. First create your profile by providing simple information about yourself or your business. In next step control your catalogue by adding products in your web store. You can do so by simply marking the product (book, blog, vlog, podcast, video etc.) or providing information /url of your products. Once you’re done with the catalogue authenticate your webstore and launch it

 A webstore is created with the intention to offer product & services to the users both known and unknown. Developing a typical website with help of web development company or by an in house team or creating a subscription based website at magento / woocommerce / wordpress / shopify or any other platform only provide the necessary template and functionality. To run the website the owner either need to be a tech savvy her/himself or hire a tech team to do so. Only creating a webstore doesn’t provide the much needed traffic as it need a great SEO & SEM to drive traffic to your website.
Whereas a webstore at markmybook comes with 

  • an existing user base, 
  • a pool of other likewise web stores
  • is all configured with SEO & SEM techniques. 
  • multiple links for both store owner and users to reach each other 
  • complete freedom to create>>control>>connect directly with users

As a webstore owner you’ve to just input the information and rest of the things are taken care by markmybook’s tech team and user behaviour based software.

Every piece of content is created by efforts of one or more individuals or business entity involved in it. Right from the idea of creation to the consumable form many hand & minds are involved in it. Every individual or business entity who is a part of this chain is a content contributor. And every content contributor shall get the due accolation for the efforts put in.

Every content piece is available either in a physical store or owner’s website or one or more online platforms. For every place where the content is available separate reach out campaign (advertisement) is required.
By making all the information related with that product or to say content at one place it’s reach can be multiplied many folds. A unified link for all the products with all the information is linking content.
At a markmybook webstore any individual or business can put all the content they’ve contributed and link it largely to all the possible information and options.

To ‘Simplify Connect’ we mean to make it easier for an admirer or follower to explore everything about your product & services with one link. This one link gives the admirers and followers access to all the buying offers, reviews, related blogs, ratings, information of other content contributors involved in the process, social media reach, a dedicated messaging service and easy online advertisement options.

Your webstore ‘Simplify Connect’ with your admirers, followers & fellow creators with

  1. Dedicated message box
  2. Live sessions
  3. Blogs & Vlogs
  4. Online advertisement
  5. User behavior analysis

And all these can easily be controlled with an easy to use dashboard and assistance of team markmybook

Well, why to believe our claims, they can be marketing gimmick. Just subscribe for one month and try it yourself. Every first subscription comes with a 14 days trial.

Simply in more ways than one,

  1. As they say, Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind’, it helps in staying in people’s mind.
  2. Every act to connect with admirers, followers and fellow creators make a multiplied effect as a complete loop is associated with your webstore.
  3. With every connect you deliver all the authentic buying links, content watching and reading links and a whole lot of information to the consumers which in turn will drive multiplied traffic to your webstore.
  4. It gives you the opportunity to reach to newer audience which can open doors to new trade opportunities.

A book lover or reader or consumer just doesn’t pay the tag price she/he spends the most precious time over your content. It is most important for them to make informed decision. You one link webstore helps the content consumers, the book lovers, the readers help making in informed decisions.

At markmybook a reader not only gets the information about the content and books, she/he gets access to ,

  1. All the possible formats with buying links
  2. Chance to interact with favourite creators
  3. Maintain her/his online bookshelf
  4. Chance to win free books
  5. Participate in contests & events
  6. Try a hand at writing at Kathanak
  7. A chance to become creator her/himself by pitching to creators
  8. Buy books straight from the publishers
  9. Engage with creators for their professional requirements
  10. Get the vernacular information
  11. &… there are many unexplored possibilities

A website is typically developed by a web development company, hired developers or subscription platforms like wordpress, woocommerce, magento, shopify, opencart etc. With any of these aforementioned type of website or webstore one need a dedicated team to, 

  1. Grow and drive traffic
  2. Develop SEO
  3. Make SEM campaigns
  4. Integrate CRM service to interact with users

But with a markmybook webstore you get it all pre integrated. A markmybook webstore can be set up and controlled without any tech expertise. Watch the video to learn setting up the store.

A digital certificate that provides authentication for a website and enables an encrypted connection is a security certificate for a website or webstore. Google chrome and other popular browsers doesn’t allow users to open a website that doesn’t have security certificate. Popular security certificate SSL costs ₹6-7000 / $ 100 annually. A markmybook webstore already possess a SSL certificate. You can create a webstore at markmybook at much lower cost than that a security certificate. Be a proactive creator.

This webstore acts as a complete profile in one link that enables to,

  1. Offer all the products and services with all the possible buying links and information
  2. Reach unknown audience with a loop of fellow creators
  3. Explore new trade possibilities of right selling for regions, OTT, film rights, translation opportunities, event participations, public speaking and many more opportunities.
  4. Acquire new talent for your business
  5. Associate with fellow creators with whom you don’t have a direct connect and explore new business opportunities
  6. Reach out to unknown audience and make a connect
  7.  Organize live sessions and contests

We’re here to assist you in any other manner you wish us to. For any assistance write us at business@markmybook.com

A markmybook webstore owner has every right same as other webstore or website limited to subscription period.

It’s not a rocket science. The huge data, user base, authentic links, domain age make it ranked much higher than any traditional website. It’s not a marketing gimmick, set up your webstore, run it for one month and compare your domain’s analytics with your webstore.

Yet we don’t see a chance for any such situation you have every right to not continue with the subscription.

As a webstore owner you’ve every right to know your followers. You can access the information of followers via dashboard.

People who interact closely with the events, activities, contests, live sessions, follow and read creators blogs and posts regularly make the community. It’s always better to be in their company and turn them into followers. To do so ‘Join The Community’.

Kathanak is the blogging arm of markmybook. Every webstore subscriber can post unlimited no. of blogs and podcasts at Kathanak. Open platform for webstore subscribers and restricted writing for admirers make it unique. Try a hand, post a blog at Kathanak.

A blog is an authentic piece of information, views, idea and news about your webstore and other business activities. It is the best medium to connect with admirers and followers. Try a hand, post a blog at Kathanak.

Kalamkari is a celebration of literature over virtual medium. Live sessions of book launches, author interviews, talk shows, creative writing workshops and many other events are organized here for the audience. Any webstore can go live at their will at
Ask to schedule an event at Kalamkari Carnival

Spend your valued time with the book really useful to you, make informed decision at markmybook

Browse Here, Buy Anywhere

A book’s price is the amount you pay or the time you spend in reading it. Every book holds something but every book is not meant for every reader. How if you get all the information, authentic information, reviews, buying options, details of paper and digital format before you really place the order and decide to give it your weekend. Spend your valued time with the book really useful to you, make informed decision at markmybook. We suggest you to browse here, buy anywhere.

You’re planning a long trip and want to take some books with you. What would you do? go through the reading list suggested by e-commerce websites, go for big names, go for big publishing houses or try some new names. Aren’t all these a bit risky as you may end up with a bunch of stories you never wanted to read? What if you could read a synopsis, an excerpt, could know what reviewers say about it and above all how many book lovers have recommended the book? Well you can get all this information about a book at markmybook, that’s why we say browse here buy anywhere.

It is not a rocket science; it needs to just be a bunch of booklovers who synchronize information to simplify connect. Connect between publishers, authors, editors, translators, illustrators, book reviewers, columnists whom we say creators and book lovers & hobby readers whom we say admirers. At markmybook we’ve gathered information useful for a book lover and synchronized it to make the reader an informed decision.

Not only the reviews, the synopsis, the excerpt a reader shall know the individuals and businesses who’ve contributed in making the content bring it to you in consumable format. A long chain is involved in the process. The authors who are hit with that particular spark to write, their precious time, the editors, their deep vision and sense of literature, the cover designer with whose creation the narrative speaks, the illustrators who gives imaginations shape, translators who bring the best of stories to you in your language, the literary agent who makes the ends meet for writer and publisher who puts in money, experience and resources to bring it to you. Wouldn’t you like to know about them? Get all the information at the info product page at markmybook.

And once you’ve made the informed decision, read the book wouldn’t you like to recommend it to others. And you don’t need to reveal your identity while doing so. You just read a book, wants others to read it but why you have to share it on your social media handles. You can just click the recommend button at info product page of that book and help other booklovers make an informed decision. Do you know that by recommending a book you earn points which can later be used in participating contests and winning free books. The story of knowing books not end here, there is much fun in browsing and knowing about books. Enjoy the content like never before, browse here, buy anywhere.

You’ve been reading crime fiction all your reading life, how about giving romance novels a try this spring, or mythological saga in the festive season. This is New Year and you really want to distribute books as gift but don’t know which are the best and which portal are giving best of discount in bulk buying. The only way to make correct choice is to make informed decision. And to make an informed decision you need to know about books. Know more about books browse at markmybook, choose the format, online or offline store and make the online shopping experience a pleasure.

Let us say it other way, you want to understand Mahabharata. Definitely Mahabahrata by Ved Vyas is the most authentic source but you wants to understand the story in your language from you perspective. Well do you know Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni has written it fro Draupadis’ perspective titled as ‘The Palace Of Illusions’ published by Pan Macmillan publishers . Ok you want to read it in Hindi, no problem Manjul Publishing House has published it in Hindi as ‘Draupadi Ki Mahabharat’ translated by Ashutosh Garg.

Sauptik: Blood and Flowers by Amruta Patil and published by HarperCollins India is yet another version of Mahabharata written with Draupadi’s perspective. Than ther is Ajeya by Anand Neelkantan from Duryodhana’s perspective, Story of Karna titled as ‘Mrityunjay’ in Marathi by Shivaji Savant and it’s Hindi translation . There are many versions, translations and formats of the same story. Which one you want to read now is your choice. Browse them all and spend your valued time with the book really useful to you, make informed decision at markmybook

Same is with every narrative. There are en number of books and e-content available on internet, you ought to know to which one you’re going to give your time. May it be biographies of great leaders, fiction novels, Hindi classics, English drama, Awarded books, bestsellers, blogs, podcasts, or anything else? There is a whole bunch of them. Consume the free content from best and authentic sources, buy or subscribe content form most reliable sources. It’s your choice browse here, buy anywhere.

Spending time with books doesn’t always mean reading a book. You can do a lot more with the books. We’ve a number of creators associated with us. Browse their store, know about the books, follow them recommend their books, attend their live sessions and workshops, know what they’re reading, interact with them spread you literary network. A heap of categorized information is waiting for you to explore you just need to browse among categories, web stores, collections, hand-picked selections and web pages.

It is not just about books, you can explore the e-content also. Well e-content here means the e-books, audio books, author interviews, podcasts, blogs, book trailers and much more. All this is also stacked at web stores in well categorized manner. Browse it it’s an altogether different experience to explore the stuff like this. Needless to say all this e-content is free of cost. That’s why we say, “Enjoy content like never before”. We’ve stacked just about everything related with books and content at one place and tried to make it easy for readers to take the informed decision.

In nut shall it’s your time spend it in company of the book and content you really want to. Get all the free e-content stacked at one place, get all the buying options on one page, get the recommendations at once and make the right choice.