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Fugitive Histories
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Fugitive Histories

by Githa Hariharan
4.2 out of 5
Publisher Penguin
Synopsis Mala's home in Delhi is empty, save for a lifetime of sketches left behind by her late husband, Asad, and the memories they conjure. Sifting through them on restless afternoons and sleepless nights, Mala summons the ghosts of their past. As their story unfolds, others emerge: of Sara, their daughter, who, unable to commit to a cause that will renew her faith in her parents' ideals and her own, embarks on a search for purpose that brings to Ahmedabad, the venue of carnage; of Yasmin, whom Sara meets across a lately created 'border', asurvivor of mayhem, secretly dreaming of college and the miraculous return of her missing brother, Akbar; of innumerable other lives trapped in limbo.

Enjoying reading this book?
Binding: PaperBack
About the author Githa Hariharan was born in Coimbatore and grew up in Bombay and Manila. She now lives in New Delhi. Hariharan's first novel, The Thousand Faces of Night, won the Commonwealth Writers' Prize for Best First Book. Her work since then includes the short story collection The Art of Dying, and the novels The Ghosts of Vasu Master, When Dreams Travel and In Times of Siege.
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Penguin
  • Pages: 256
  • Binding: PaperBack
  • ISBN: 9780143423676
  • Category: Novel
  • Related Category: Modern & Contemporary
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