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Muhammad Asif Ali is a member of a middle family born in the city of Kashipur, India. He did high school in 2015 from Government High Secondary School Basai, Kashipur. After that, he studied Intermediate of Udayraj Hindu Inter College Kashipur. Muhammad Asif Ali is the co-founder and CEO of Youtreex Foundation and also the co-founder of Prizmweb Technologies (A Software Company in India). He was interested in web development so he got a diploma in designing and development and reached Noida, Uttar Pradesh for a job. After going there, he gave about 15 interviews, out of which he also got a job. Due to less money in the job, Muhammad Asif Ali created his own website, whose domain name was Youtreex.Com. Seeing the struggle of life, he started writing like a poet with Job. After a few days, Youtreex got a good position and started earning some money with Google AdSense. Muhammad Asif Ali is also famous as an Indian poet and author.

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