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Professor Madhav Hada is a literary critic and academician. He has written extensively on literature, media, culture and history. His recently published work Meera Vs Meera is English translation of his well-received Hindi book Pachrang Chola Paher Sakhi ri. The work is focused on the medieval Bhakti Poetess Meera Bai’s life and society. He has also written a book on a great scholar of Oriental Studies, Muni Jinvijay which has been published by Sahitya Akademi in its ‘Makers of Indian Literature’ series. He compiled anthologies of Meera Bai’s poetry entitled Meera Rachana Sanchayan (2017) & analytical essays on non-fictional prose in Hindi, entitled Kathetar (2017) for Sahitya Akademi. His other major published works include Seedhiyan Chadhata Media (2012), Media, Sahitya aur Sanskriti (2006), Kavita Ka Poora Drishya (1992), Tani Hui Rassi Par (1987). Besides this he has published more than 100 papers, monographs, reviews etc. in various journals of repute. He is recipient...

of Bharatendu Haishchandra Puraskar for Media Studies & Devraj Upadyayay Puraskar for literary criticism. He had been the member of General Council and Hindi Advisory Board of Sahitya Akademi. He had been associated with the Higher Education Service of the Government of Rajasthan for more than thirty years and retired as Professor and Head, Department of Hindi, Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur. At present he is fellow at Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Rashtrapati Niwas, Shimla.

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Latest Book

Meera Vs Meera


Meera Vs Meera is a translation of a well-received book Pachrang Chola Pahar Sakhi Ri in Hindi. For centuries, the masses regarded Meera’s poetry as a medium of expression of their feelings and emotions. Meera’s poetry, though interpreted in multiple ways has dwarfed, weakened and gulfed her persona. The religious discourses and narratives festered with her religious aspect, whereas the European historians during the colonial period in India focussed on elements of love, romance and mystery in Meera’s life. The Marxist critics and neo-feminist activists highlighted Meera’s narratives related to her courage and self-determination, which she exhibited during her times. In this process the human aspects of Meera were completely side-lined which is far more evident from her poetry. Meera is a feudal, rebel, devotee, poet and much more. She led an eventful human life. She never felt alienated or free from womanly passions and was the creation of the society she lived in. Meera believed ‘Soney kaat na lagey’ (Gold never rusts…). In Meera Vs Meera an attempt is made to conserve the ‘real self ’ of Meera, left over by the multiple interpretations through the centuries.

ISBN: 9789389915907

MRP: 599

Language: English

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