Some suggest you go for trade publishing at any cost while some say don’t waste time and get your book published with a self-publishing company. Well, it is hard to select between two as both have their advantages & disadvantages.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Self-Publishing A Book

An analysis to evaluate the advantages & disadvantages of self-publishing

Whether you’re writing a book, you’ve written a book or thinking to write a book the question which keeps striking your mind is how to get published? You start consulting other author friends, relatives and well-wishers and you’re flooded with suggestions. Some suggest you go for trade publishing at any cost while some say don’t waste time and get your book published with a self-publishing company. Well, it is hard to select between two as both have their pros and cons. So! here is a detailed analytical study of the advantages & disadvantages of self-publishing a book.

Advantages & disadvantages of trade publishers are well known, your manuscript may be worth publishing but it doesn’t fit in their list of the genre to be published this year. They take time but you don’t have to pay any amount upfront?  And likewise, what we want to address here are the questions related to self-publishing, like,
What are the benefits of self-publishing?
What are the pros and cons of self-publishing?
Is it better to self-publish a book? Can a self-published book be successful?

In long and short we’re going to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing a book which can make you decide whether to opt for it or not.

Advantages Of Self-Publishing

Guaranteed Publishing

When you choose to self-publish your books there are no chances of your manuscript being rejected. You choose a self-publishing company on the basis of services you require, negotiate with them, pay upfront money and they publish your book. So! Self-publishing is guaranteed publishing, the key factor in choosing the right company.

More Creative Control

The process to get self-published is such that it gives more creative control to the author. Right from front and back cover to page setting an author is involved in every step of designing the book. An author can give the book shape she/he has dreamt of while self-publishing the book.

The assistance of A Publishing Team

When you choose a self-publishing company to publish your book it’s like hiring a bunch of professionals to design, market, and distribute your book. For the time being, you’re the boss and the publishing team (if they’re professionals in the real sense) assist you at every step till the book is listed on online portals and displayed in bookstores.

Quick & Stress-Free Publishing Process

It is always a quick and stress-free process while self-publishing your book. Quick because your assistants (the self-publishing team) has to match the milestones and take money from you & stress-free as you don’t have to match the deadlines given by the editors or creative team of the publisher. You can easily take extra time to write that last chapter or edit the preface, acknowledgments, prologue, epilogue at any stage.

Longer Shelf Life

Every reputed self-publisher has tie-ups with Print On Demand companies. Yes, now the technology to print a single copy to thousands of copy on demand. With print on demand tie-ups, self-publishing companies give a lifetime inventory management for your book. The book is bound to get a much longer shelf life when it is published by a self-publishing company.

Better Online Presence

This is one of the biggest advantages of publishing your book with a self-publishing company. In order to get more and more business self-publishing companies to have to be more tech-savvy and maintain their online presence. When a book is published by a self-publishing company the book gets a better online presence in any case.

Managing & Maintaining Your Rights

When an author enters into an agreement with traditional publishing, they give the right of their book, translation rights, and many future prospective of adaptations and other possible creative works to the publisher. This may turn into a big mistake in the future. A book may or may not become popular among readers and you end up losing the contract.

On the contrary, when you enter into an agreement with a self-publishing company you owe 100% rights of your book, translation & other adaptations and creative rights. You can manage and maintain your rights much efficiently when you opt to self-publish your book.

Higher Royalty for Each Copy Sold

It is the biggest advantage of self-publishing your book. Every reputed self-publishing company offers a very high royalty percentage or 100% profit sharing as royalty. The concept is simple and understandable; they charge you upfront hence they offer higher royalty. In most cases even if the book does average in the market it becomes a profitable business for the author.

Frequent Payment

Self-publishing companies pay royalty much more frequently than trade publishing. It is like a joint venture between the author and the publishing company. Publishing the company’s success depends upon the profit earned by the author hence they pay much more frequently than trade publishers. Many self-publishers even pay the royalty on a monthly basis.

Professional Marketing

Self-publishing companies mostly deal with debutant authors hence they’ve to adopt the latest strategies and newest methods of marketing. They’ve to have a strong presence on social media platforms, search engines and portals selling books hence the marketing approach of a self-publishing team is very professional and targeted.

Faster Reach To Readers

Self-publishing companies give more chances to debutant authors than trade publishers hence their approach is more aggressive and penetrative. A self-published book reaches more readers in a shorter span of time in comparison to a trade published book.

Disadvantages Of Self-Publishing

Cost of Upfront Payment

The most obvious and biggest disadvantage is the upfront payment an author has to make to get the book published. Not only in terms of the burden on the pocket but also in terms of the disturbing thoughts that you’ve given your creative input & time to the book even though you’ve to pay money to get published.

Self-Publishing Stigma

On one hand, it is no secret that most of the manuscripts are turned down by trade publishers without any genuine reason it is supposed to be more prestigious to be published by a traditional publisher than a self-publisher. But at the end of the day, it’s only the success of the book that speaks.

Lesser Bookstores

On the one hand, self-publishers have a more professional marketing approach, aggressive social media campaigns, better search engine optimization but on the other hand, it’s true that they find fewer bookstores to display the books. The reason is also obvious since they don’t say no to any manuscript many books published by them don’t have that quality content which readers look for hence the bookstores are hesitant to stock books published by self-publishers.

It’s Like Running A Business

While the advantage of higher royalty, frequent payments, and faster reach to readers have inherited with self-publishing a book, the sense of making your book a running business is also associated. As soon as you hire a self-publishing company to publish your book they start working upon it’s the commercial side which in many ways is opposite to literature and arts. The aggressive promotional campaign, professional marketing tools, reports all these give a sense of running a business which sometimes is contrary to the intellect feel of authors.

Content is Never Judged

It is true that self-publishers never turn down a manuscript but it also means that the writing is never judged. The chances to improve the writing with the help of the publisher’s editor are minimum. They’ll never say a bad word about your manuscript, which gives you a chance to get published but on the other hand omit the chances to improve.

Well like every other aspect of life, every other feeling, every other business self-publishing has its own plus and minuses. But one thing is for sure, it gives you the best chance to make your dream come true and be a published author. Now as you’ve understood the advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing, evaluate your manuscript, make your choices, take the path which for which your mind and heart are aligned, and get published.

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