Book Publishing & Marketing Is Not That Difficult,

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At first, you’ve to understand what is the process of publishing a book? Once you’ve completed writing, you submit the manuscript to a publisher or a literary agent. They judge and reply whether they want to publish it or not, which generally takes 3-4 months’ time.

If you’re lucky and your manuscript matches the list they intend to publish in the coming months you get an affirmative response. Yes, ‘List’ every trade publish maintains a list considering subjects, genre, and lot more things to publish, so even if your writing is good and publish worthy you can get a ‘No’ as the particular publisher’s list is already exhausted.

Then you start approaching one after another publisher and wait for the moment and right publisher. Once you get the right combination than start the process of editing, proof-reading, designing, and printing. We’ll talk about all these in other articles, the point to understand here is the time, process, and efforts involved in this process.

Some writers are lucky enough to get a yes before they lose enthusiasm but most are not. So big question arises, what’s the option? ‘Self-Publishing’ is the perfect answer to all these questions. Neither be surprised nor get confused. Book publishing can really be easy. You can instantly publish your book and be an author.

All you’ve to do is choose the right platform to self-publish your book. Choosing the right platform to Self-Publish your book is the only and most important thing to publish and market your book. Every self –publishing company or platform is basically a service provider. They provide each and every service related to books. Right from editing, proof-reading, ISBN allotment, copyright, cover designing, listing on online platforms, physical or bookstore distribution to book launches, they offer every possible service. The point is to make the right choice, Book Publishing & Marketing Is Not That Difficult.

An Insight On Book Publishing

To choose the right platform to self-publish your book you shall consider these 5 major points;

1. Professionalism

As mentioned earlier Self-publishers are service providers and like any other service provider company Professionalism is the first and foremost key point to be considered. Doesn’t matter how old the company is or how many titles they publish every month. The approach of the publishing team is the key factor in bringing a piece of writing in the shape of a book. They must be precise, stick to their words, and shall not be promising you stars for pennies.

2. Scope of Work

Does the self-publisher you’re choosing involved in the distribution of books? Do they take part in literary events? Does the publishing company have a bookstore of its own? Can they offer you a decent book-launch? Are they open to sell and distribute titles of other publishers? If the answer to most of the aforementioned questions is ‘Yes’ you can hire them blindfolded otherwise your search is not complete yet.

3. Cost

As the name itself suggests self-publishing is getting your book published on your own, hence a cost factor is definitely involved. You need to choose the right plan for your book. Does the plan they’re offering include distribution, promotion, sales, and marketing or they’re just printing your book. Look closely, compare wisely after all it’s your hard-earned money. At the same time make sure that they’re not offering services at a cost that is not possible at all.

4. Time frame

One has to be cautious about the time frame being suggested for publishing. Suppose you’ve chosen a high-end package which includes linguistic editing, multiple cover design option and likewise services and the company is promising to get the book published in 14 days. How is it possible? An editor needs to go through the book, understand the content, check grammar, make the sentences simple. Redo it twice or thrice before she/he is done with the job. Once it is done then comes the proofreading, designing, and launch plan. So be cautious against false promises. Remember a good book can’t be crafted overnight.

5. Customer Satisfaction

Last but not least you shall enquire and make sure that whether the authors of the books earlier published by them are satisfied customers or not? In this social media age, it’s not a big deal, you can browse their social media channels, read reviews, follow their posts, and easily conclude about their relationship with their authors.

Now as you’ve selected the platform to publish your book, get in touch with them, doesn’t matter whether it’s a face to face meeting or an e-mail conversation. In the self-publishing world, everything is in the public domain. Set the terms with them; sign the agreement and the path to be an author is clear. Once you’ve entered into an agreement be co-operative, listen to the advice and guidelines being given to you for promotion and book launch and various other things as the publisher is the surrogate mother of your brainchild.

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