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Born on 1st June 1982 Urmila Gupta has done Post Graduate in Hindi from Ramjas college, has done One year Diploma in Translation from Bhartiya Anuvad Parishad, Diploma course in Editing from Institute of Book Publishing. She has been editing and translating English to Hindi projects for more than a decade now. She has worked as a full time employee with Yatra Books and Rajkamal Prakashan and as a freelancer she has done projects for Penguin, Westland, Harper Collins, Vani Prakashan, Scholastic, Juggernaut, Tulika, Teamwork, StoryTel and Dainik Jagran etc. Urmila Gupta has a proven expertise in English to Hindi translations. Her works have featured in each and every Jagran Bestseller list since its inception, in the translation category. Urmila Gupta has been associated with TeamWorkArts as a language expert for their various projects including handling media for Jaipur Literature Festival, Jaipur BookMark, Mahindra Kabira Festival, META Theatre award, Jodhpur RIFF--this involved...

independently handling social media pages, press releases and website updates. Urmila Gupta has also delivered guest lectures on translation and editing at IP College, National Book Trust and Bharatiya Anuvad Parishad. As of now Urmila Gupta is working with HarperCollins Publishers, as an Hindi-Editor.

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Latest Book

Azadi Ya Maut (Freedom or Death) (Hindi)


One of the most well-written of the histories to have emerged from the golden jubilee celebrations of Indian Independence, Freedom Or Death was first published in 1997. This edition, Azadi Ya Maut (Freedom Or Death) (Hindi), is the Hindi rendition of the book. This intriguing book follows one of the greatest mass migrations in History, viz. the Indian Empire as it trifurcated on August 14, 1947. The Hindus fled south, the Muslims fled north and millions were massacred along the way. The author expertly analyses the interplay between prominent characters such as Lord Mountbatten, Mahatma Gandhi and Winston Churchill and their roles in India's independence and partition, along with offering a reinterpretation of the incorrigible mistakes made by politicians and the strange reasoning behind many of their decisions and the perspectives of the individuals who played a role in the transfer of power. Based on meticulous research and sources that range from memories of the refugees to newly declassified secret documents such as the British intelligence records, Azadi Ya Maut (Freedom Or Death) (Hindi) offers a new account of the debacle that shaped the course of Asia's future. A great read that blends trivia with profundity, this edition was published by Penguin India in 2012 and is available in paperback. Key Features: The author was awarded the London Sunday Times' Young Author of the Year award for this book. This edition is published in Hindi.

ISBN: 9780143067320

MRP: 450

Language: Hindi

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