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As fourth engineer on board the MV Orchid, Lehar Saxena has no time to prissy up in front of a mirror or flirt with the boys. Her chief engineer hates her guts and much like the MV Orchid, which she helps keep afloat on the journey across the violent and pirate-infested high seas, she has her own baggage: heavy with anxiety, stress and love woes. Amidst the machines, sweat and testosterone surrounding her, loom thoughts of her relationship with Sameer, always too busy at the OPD to FaceTime or even text as much as he used to. With a long-distance relationship fast approaching the maelstrom it was destined for, Lehar must focus on her work - even as Veer, the handsome second officer who recently joined the crew - proves to be a pleasant distraction. He may be just what she needs as the journey grows even longer, and far more dangerous.

ISBN: 9789353025144

MRP: 250

Language: English

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