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The Advent Of Kalki (Myth In Multiverse Book 2)


When there was nothing in the universe, He was there. He, who is nothing but everything. His existence was created the Creator and the Protector of the universe. Nature has always tried to protect the balance between creation and submission. A billions years later, people do not understand the primitive mystery of creation. Submission, which mythologically reads as Destruction. The cycle of Destruction is recurrent. But He, the great, kind and merciful, always gives us the opportunity and strength to review our mistakes. He has fought against the cosmic powers have tried to disrupt the fluidity of mankind. To protect us or to destroy us? No human can fight against a cosmic monster like Kalki so they all need the help of Chiranjeevis. According to Hindu scriptures the character who are still alive since the ages are called Chiranjeevis. Hanuman, Vyasa, Kripa and so many more are the group of Chiranjeevis.

ISBN: 9788195070138

MRP: 199

Language: English

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