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A senior journalist with a career of over two decades Kavita Kane is known for writing mythology-fiction. Kavita Kane has authored six best-sellers Karnas Wife, Sitas Sister, Menakas Choice , Lankas Princess, The Fisher Queen’s Dynasty & Ahalya’s Awakening, all of them on marginalised characters whom she finds especially fascinating. Her novels are translated in Hindi & Marathi. A die-hard aficionado of cinema and theatre, her hobbies are limited to reading - and her family. Married to a mariner, Prakash Kane, she lives in Pune with two daughters, Kimaya and Amiya, and her other family of two dogs - Chic, the cocker spaniel and Cotton, the white, curious cat.

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Sarasvati's Gift


Sarasvati, the feminine force worshipped as the goddess of learning, is a household name, yet we barely know much about the goddess. She is known as a lost river and seen as a singular goddess, never as part of a couple, such as Shiva-Parvati or Lakshmi-Narayan. In Sarasvati's Gift, Kavita Kane brings to light Sarasvati's story-the goddess of art, music and knowledge-told in the voices of nameless celestials, powerful gods and lesser mortals. The book explores her relationship with her Creator, Brahma, and their unusual marriage-a union of fiercely independent minds and the most non-conforming, unconventional of the Triumvirate couples. As these peripheral figures and silent catalysts take centre stage, we get a glimpse of an extraordinary woman and her remarkable story, obscured and buried under myths and legends.

ISBN: 9780143452560

MRP: 299

Language: English

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