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A motivational speaker and graphologist JPS Jolly aka Jolly Uncle has authored more than 38 books till now and while this brief intro of Jolly Uncle is being written he is on his writing-table giving final touches to the next book. His books have been translated into 11 Indian languages. He is as famous for his articles as for his books and to date, more than 1100 articles written by him have been published in various magazines and newspapers. A life coach and well-known graphologist he is the recipient of more than 200 Indian and international awards. He has done many radio & TV shows, is widely read across the globe, much viewed on YouTube and listened to all across for his motivational talks.

Latest Book

Kamyabi ke Badhte Kadam


ISBN: 9789351658931

MRP: 150

Language: Hindi

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सहनशीलता – जोली अंकल

HomeReader BlogOthers सहनशीलता – जोली अंकल Hindi Writer - Jolly Uncle HINDI...

funny story hindi lekh
बेवकूफ – जोली अंकल

बेवकूफ मिश्रा जी की पत्नी ने बाजार में...

hindi article hindi story by jolly uncle
चूं-चूं का मुरब्बा – जोली अंकल

बंसन्ती के घर उसकी षादी की तैयारियां जोर-षोर...

funny story hindi lekh

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