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Author of eleven bestselling novels Anuja Chandramouli graduated from Womens Christian College, Chennai and was the college topper in Abnormal Psychology. She also holds a Masters degree in English. A trained classical dancer Anuja conducts workshops & storytelling sessions. She writes blogs, her articles are published regularly in newspapers & magazines. Latest she is doing a youtube series on Ramayana.

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Mohini : The Enchantress


elusive as a fragment of a forgotten dream, fragile as a figment from fantasy, Mohini is perfection made possible. distilled from the essence of Vishnu, Mohini the Enchantress is a part of him and yet she revels in the autonomy and extraordinary powers of beauty, magic and enchantment that are hers to wield. She is loved and desired by all in existence and yet, she is elusive tantalizing temptress, traipsing her way across the topsy-turvy terrain of fable and myth.
mohini’s meandering path will see her in the thick of things as the devas and asuras try to get their hands on amrita—the nectar of immortality, blunder into a love triangle that will Spark a bloody war, fulfil the last wish of a dead hero, and traipse into a romantic tryst with Mahadeva. She also becomes the mother of shastha, a beacon of hope for all who are considered oddities by a spiteful society that recognises only two genders.
Set against the tumult and intrigue of a celestial quest for immortality, br>Anuja Chandramouli brings the extraordinary saga of Mohini to vivid life. She takes the reader on a dizzying ride through the shifting sands of time, expertly navigating the quagmire of gender, love, lust and desire, deftly untangling the threads of tall tales and terrible truths, while spinning a deliciously entertaining yarn for the ages.

ISBN: 9789389967265

MRP: 295

Language: English

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