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 Variations on Normal
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Variations on Normal

by Dominic Wilcox
4.6 out of 5
Author Dominic Wilcox
Publisher Square Peg
Synopsis Ingenious and amusing illustrated inventions from the brilliant mind of Dominic Wilcox 'I love this book. Laugh-out-loud funny. I want a salty thumb lolly now!' Harry Hill As we go about our day-to-day business, we see the same stuff every day. The bath, the fridge, the lamp post, the bicycle, the tree… so far, so humdrum. But not if you are Dominic Wilcox. Dominic sees things a little differently. For him, inside each of these everyday things are hundreds of surprising ideas waiting to be discovered. The Portable Bottom Seat, the Sick Bag Beard, Wrist Nets for the Butterfingered – Dominic's unexpected inventions, conflations and modifications promise to make your life that little bit easier, or at least more amusing. Normal will never seem quite so normal again.

Enjoying reading this book?
Square Peg ₹599
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About the author
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Square Peg
  • Pages: 128
  • Binding: Square Peg
  • ISBN: 9780224098878
  • Category: Mix Bag
  • Related Category: Young Adult Fiction
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