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by Ichak Kalderon Adizes
4.7 out of 5
Publisher Embassy Books
Synopsis Dr.Ichak Adizes is one of the world’s leading management consultants, advisor to heads of state and professor of management at some of the world’s most prestigious universities. He created a legendary methodology that bears his name and is the author of 26 books. An organization is a system and a marriage is a system. In this book he will teach you the secret to manage your marriage and your family just like an organization. Furthermore, because it's a system, the family needs rules and discipline – otherwise it becomes a mess. And it needs to change and adapt because a marriage is a multiyear commitment and over time things need to change to be functional. And, last, a family needs a culture of interdependence based on intimacy, on mutual caring...on love. In this book you’ll learn that – contrary to commonly held beliefs- you don’t need to panic if you experience conflict in your marriage. Dr. Adizes, with his signature a style, will show you why conflict is inevitable and how to use it to build an happy marriage and family. In this book, you’ll learn: • The four roles that are needed for a healthy couple and family functioning. • How to use the family lifecycle to keep the enthusiasm alive • How couples destroy each other – and how to prevent that from happening to you • How to understand our partner’s personality style to communicate better with each other. Indispensable to both young couples and to established marriages and of great value to anyone considering a relationship as well, this book will help you navigate your marriage life and not only survive but actually thrive in these times when couples are suffering constant crises.

Enjoying reading this book?
Binding: PaperBack
About the author Over the course of more than 40 years, Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes has developed and refined a proprietary methodology that bears his name. The Adizes Methodology enables corporations, governments, and complex organizations to achieve exceptional results and manage accelerated change without destructive conflicts. Leadership Excellence Journal named him one of the Top 30 Thought Leaders in the United States, and Executive Excellence Journal put him on their list of the Top 30 Consultants in America. In recognition of his contributions to management theory and practice, Dr. Adizes has received 20 honorary doctorates from Universities in ten countries. He has written 20 books that have been published in 26 languages
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Embassy Books
  • Pages: 186
  • Binding: PaperBack
  • ISBN: 9789386450890
  • Category: Self Help & Inspiration
  • Related Category: Philosophy
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