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Education And Human Values
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Education And Human Values

by Vedula V.L.N. Murthy
4.6 out of 5
Author Vedula V.L.N. Murthy
Synopsis Life appears in various forms on earth. In this, the prime is the human being, who lives together in families. Family is the unit of society and families live with love, care, help, sacrifice and struggles. Family grows with children. Parents are the first teachers to the children and appropriate parenting can make the children into valuable and responsible future citizens. The book deals with Value-parenting exclusively in a chapter. Education's role is too holy in bringing up the children (the learner). Education should enable the learner strengthened by skill-sets, career, character and a value system making them engaged citizens to live their lives that are economically, socially and culturally acceptable and responsible. The teachers carry the process of education and the learner has to develop into a self-worth citizen. India's long sustenance is due to its ancient education, cultural values, traditions and family system that had built a moral structure of righteous-living, equity and a civilized life. India needs to take care of its huge vital population as well as its highly admired spiritual philosophy. Self-help, service, ethics, concern towards fellowmen as well as environment should become the norms on par with development. Education should impart this. This has to happen by understanding the value of the life of people, and by keeping faith in existence-coexistence-togetherness. The book unfolds many things that are worth to emulate. It surely makes the reader a changed and worthy personality filled with ethics, life-knowledge and satisfaction. It broadens the horizon of the reader in the aspects of education, humanity, spirituality and India's ancient inventions. Swim into the book; soak and enjoy.

Enjoying reading this book?
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