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Computer Storage Fundamentals
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Computer Storage Fundamentals

by Susanta Dutta
4.7 out of 5
Author Susanta Dutta
Publisher BPB Publications
Synopsis This book explains the basic concept of computer storage and its fundamental features and functionalities. It also includes topics on how the application servers access storage systems through the network. Different storage vendors use different name for physical and logical components of a storage system, but this book primarily focuses on concept of storage systems using simple and commonly understood terminologies. Almost all modern storage systems have virtualization implemented to enhance performance and fault tolerance. This book explains these implementation aspects in simple terms. This book also highlights the storage system usage in various solutions to meet enterprise company’s business objectives. This book consists of nine chapters. First chapter describes the different type of storage systems and their solutions. Next four chapters focus on the components of a storage solution, storage disk array, host servers, storage networking components and their communications. Later chapters explain storage performance, fault tolerance and space efficiency and their related features. The last chapter highlights storage management software suite that enables administrator to manage all storage hardware and software components and their features and functionalities that are discussed in earlier chapters. Concepts are explained with examples, less words and more diagrams. Simple language is used throughout the book with to-the-point information. At the end of each chapter, this book provides industry specific case studies for the reader to correlate learnings with actual and real facts. This book also includes different type of learning checks for each chapter that helps to refresh learnings and enhance the learning experience. Learning checks are classified into three - objective type questions with multiple choice answers, descriptive questions and quiz questions focusing on problem solving, logical thinking, and storage solution based. Quiz questions can have short answer, yes/no or true/ false. These learning checks can also be considered as a topic for group discussions, in which, group of students, colleagues, or professionals can discuss and provide reasons to justify their answers. Table of Contents INTRODUCTION About this Book CHAPTER 1: STORAGE SYSTEMS AND SOLUTIONS Learning objectives Introduction Type of storage systems Storage solutions Type of storage solutions Cloud Storage Entry level storage solution Mid-range storage solution Enterprise storage solution Hyper-Converged Summary Case Studies Learning Check Glossary and Key terms CHAPTER 2: STORAGE INFRASTRUCTURE Learning objectives Introduction Hardware and software component stack Physical Layout of a Storage Disk Array Storage network components Software Defined Storage Securing storage infrastructure Managing storage infrastructure Summary Case Studies Learning Check Glossary and Key terms CHAPTER 3: STORAGE DISK ARRAY Learning objectives Introduction Controller Operation modes Caching Techniques RAID Concept Virtual RAID Storage Virtualization Summary Case Studies Learning Check Glossary and Key Terms CHAPTER 4: STORAGE COMMUNICATION PROTOCOLS Learning objectives Introduction SCSI Protocol Fibre Channel Basics iSCSI Overview FCoE Overview File Access Protocols Summary Case Studies Learning Check Glossary and Key terms CHAPTER 5: STORAGE NETWORKING Learning objectives Introduction SAN topology Zoning LUN Masking Multipath Summary Case Studies Learning Check Glossary and Key terms CHAPTER 6: STORAGE PERFORMANCE Learning objectives Introduction Performance Terminologies Workload and its pattern Tiered Storage Quality of Service (QoS) Clone File Blocks(XCOPY) and Zero File Blocks(WRITE SAME) Summary Case Studies Learning Check Glossary and Key terms CHAPTER 7: FAULT TOLERANCE AND DATA PROTECTION- Learning objectives Introduction Remote Replication Backup Solution Summary Case Studies Learning Check Glossary and Key terms CHAPTER 8: SPACE EFFICIENCY Learning objectives Introduction Thin Provisioning Space reclamation (UNMAP) Dynamic capacity management Deduplication and compression Summary Case Studies Learning Check Glossary and Key terms CHAPTER 9: STORAGE MANAGEMENT Learning objectives Introduction Storage management software Steps to implement a storage solution SAN Storage connected to multiple hosts in Cluster Storage connected to host server via iSCSI File Storage connected to SMB and NFS client systems Summary Case Studies Learning Check Glossary and Key terms SUMMARY LEARNING CHECK ANSWERS

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