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Sita - mithila ki yoddha by Amish tripathi( Translated by Urmila gupta )
Sita-warrior of mithila - hindi
  • Language: Hindi
  • Publisher: Westland/yatra
  • Pages: 424
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publication Date: 29-06-2017
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Author Synopsis
Amish is an iim (kolkata)educated, boring banker turned happy author.
the success of his debut book, the immortals of meluha (book 1 of the shiva trilogy), encouraged him to give up a fourteen-year-old career in financial services to focus on writing. he is passionate about history, mythology and philosophy, finding beauty and meaning in all world religions.
amish has most recently written the shiva trilogy (the immortals of meluha, the secret of the nagas & the oath of the vayuputras), which have sold over a million copies in the indian subcontinent since 2010. the books that he plans to write in the future are also in the areas of mythology & history.
amish lives in mumbai with his wife, preeti and son, neel.
India, 3400 bce.

india is beset with divisions, resentment and poverty. the people hate their rulers. they despise their corrupt and selfish elite. chaos is just one spark away. outsiders exploit these divisions. raavan, the demon king of lanka, grows increasingly powerful, sinking his fangs deeper into the hapless sapt sindhu.

two powerful tribes, the protectors of the divine land of india, decide that enough is enough. a saviour is needed. they begin their search.

an abandoned baby is found in a field. protected by a vulture from a pack of murderous wolves. she is adopted by the ruler of mithila, a powerless kingdom, ignored by all. nobody believes this child will amount to much. but they are wrong. for she is no ordinary girl. she is sita.

continue the epic journey with amish`s latest a thrilling adventure that chronicles the rise of an adopted child, who became the prime minister. and then, a goddess.

this is the second book in the ram chandra series. a sequel that takes you back. back before the beginning.

archetypal and stirring
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