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The demon hunter of chottanikkara by S. v. sujatha
A supernatural thriller
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Aleph book company
  • Pages: 200
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Publication Date: 10-07-2017
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Deep within the peaceful land of kerala lies a small village called chottanikkara that is infested with horrifying demons—towering brahmarakshasas, former priests who have become demons after committing abominable sins; kollivaipei, devils that have torches of fire in place of mouths; mohini pisaacha, who seduce men by taking the form of beautiful women, and suck the breath out of their victims; vethaalam who cling to the backs of those they prey on, making them hunch over in agony; jalpisaacha, who lurk in old, disused wells waiting for unsuspecting humans to dive into the water so they may possess them; pretha, who are covered in hyena-like fur, and specialize in feasting on the bodies of half-burnt corpses in cremation grounds, and many others more. all these demons crave the sweet blood of humans and their herds of cattle, goats and chickens. the only defence the terrified villagers have against these monsters is devi, a demon hunter skilled in all the arts of war and exorcism. every time the demons creep out of their accursed haunts, she and her faithful companion, an enormous lion called ugra, hunt them and slay them ruthlessly. until now. for a creature out of her worst nightmares is spreading terror throughout chottanikkara, a monster so evil and powerful that it is immune to every weapon and magic art that devi possesses. for the first time in her life, as she prepares for her final showdown with the demon, devi is wracked with fear, and indecision, for this one battle she knows she might lose…
part supernatural thriller, and part horror story, the demon hunter of chottanikkara announces the arrival of a ferociously gifted storyteller.