Lakshmi Prasad Ki Amar Dastan Lakshmi Prasad Ki Amar Dastan
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Product description: Lakshmi Prasad Ki Amar Dastan is written by Twinkle khanna and published by Juggernaut. Buy Lakshmi Prasad Ki Amar Dastan by Twinkle khanna from An online bokstore for all kind of fiction, non fiction books and novels of English, Hindi & other Indian Languages.

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Lakshmi Prasad Ki Amar Dastan

by Twinkle khanna

  • Language: Hindi
  • Publisher: Juggernaut
  • Pages: 240
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9789386228123
  • Category: Short Stories
  • Related Category: Novella
  • MBIC: MMB7776014419

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Author Synopsis
Twinkle Khanna, aka Mrs Funnybones, crafts satirical stories and funny fables when she is not running a design business, selling candles or running in circles around her small but rather odd family. She narrowly escaped a gruesome tragedy when Bollywood tried to bludgeon her brain to the size of a pea, but she ducked at the right moment and escaped miraculously unharmed. She is a popular columnist and is a regular contributor to The Times of India and DNA After Hrs. Currently, she is in the process of creating lame jokes like, ?Why do all Hindu boys worship their mother? Because their religion tells them to worship the cow.? She firmly believes that nothing in life is sacred except laughter.
एक दुबली और लंबी सी लड़की पूरे गांव को बदल देती है. अड़सठ साल की बूढ़ी नोनी आपा एक शादीशुदा आदमी की ओर आकर्षित हैं और सोचती हैं कि रिश्तों को परिभाषित करना ज़रूरी क्यों है. बबलू केवट का परिवार आतंकित है कि उसपर सेनिटरी नैपकिन्स का जुनून सवार है और पांच शादियां करनेवाली एक नौजवान लड़की अपनी हरेक शादी के मंसूबे बनाते वक्त मौसम की भविष्यवाणियों पर नज़र रखती है. इस मज़ेदार, बारीक निगाहों वाली और समझदार क़िस्सागोई से आप खुद को दूर नहीं रख सकेंगे|
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