Vivek Wagle Vivek Wagle was born in Mumbai, India. Though a Civil Engineer by qualification, he chose Market Research as a career, preferring to work in the domain of understanding people's tastes and preferences. A firm believer in the adage 'a sound mind in a healthy body', he is also an avid reader, a chess, fitness and mathematical brain teasers enthusiast. During a session, his spiritual Guru, Balagopalji, explained the philosophy of Sattva Rajas Tamas; that these qualities are present in every human in differing proportions. The idea of this book took root at that moment. A month later, Vivek had completed the first draft – a story of the battle for truth and dharma, for meritocracy over entitlement and avarice. This is his first published work. Vivek lives in Bangalore with his wife, two daughters and indie pup.

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