Vinaya Chaitanya "Vinaya Chaitanya was born in Muvattupuzha – the place of the three rivers – in the foothills of the Western Ghats, before the invasion of rubber plantations, in 1952. He met and was accepted as a disciple by Dr Nataraja Guru (1895–1973), disciple and successor of Narayana Guru, the philosopher-poet of Kerala. He studied under Nataraja Guru in the gurukula, a worldwide contemplative community open to all. While serving his guru as head of the Narayana Gurukula Institute of Aesthetic Values in rural Bangalore for forty years, Vinaya was fortunate to learn Kannada from minstrels who introduced him to the vacana, kirtanas and tatva forms of mystical poetry. Vinaya has published books in Malayalam, Kannada and English. He now continues the wisdom-sharing tradition of the gurukula without institutional affiliation, treating the whole world as his gurukula (family of the guru).