Titash Banerjea TITASH BANERJEA is the co-founder of knowledge services start-up Gyaanspace, and travel experience start-up Citybytes. He has been involved in designing and presenting innovative knowledge solutions, whether it be live quizzes, online trivia games, or employee engagement and educational programmes for schools. He is also a cricket fanatic and, since childhood, has taken great pleasure in hogging the television to watch every single match, whether a Test, ODI, T20, IPL, BPL, CPL, the Ranji trophy, KPL, and so on. As long as it's cricket, his eyes will be glued to the screen. He loves sports, food and travelling and, given a chance, he would gladly indulge in all three at the same time. He and his wife live in Bengaluru and love attending pub quizzes and, of course, winning them as well.