Thomas K. Shor "Writer and photographer, Thomas K. Shor was born in Boston, USA, and studied comparative religion and literature in Vermont. With an ear for unusual stories, the fortune to attract them and an eye for detail, he has travelled the planet?s mountainous realms?from the Mayan Highlands of southern Mexico in the midst of insurrection to the mountains of Greece and, more recently to the Indian Himalayas?to collect, illustrate and write stories, with a uniquely personal character often having the flavour of fables. Shor has lectured widely on his writings and has had solo exhibits of his photographs in Europe and in India. He is the author of Windblown Clouds and can often be found in the most obscure locales, immersed in a compelling story touching upon fundamental human themes. The author?s website is www.ThomasShor.com. "

A Step Away From Paradise by Thomas K. Shor ₹399