Suniti Namjoshi In this delightful book, the reader is invited to overhear a series of playful, sharp philosophical debates between the author and her beloved cat. To Suki?a sulky, silky feline who believes she is a goddess?her owner is simply her ?high priestess?, there to do her bidding. To Suniti?a writer, poet, fabulist and feminist icon?Suki is ?a stroppy cat who talks too much?. But as they discuss the merits of vegetarianism, or the meaning of happiness, or war, or morality or any topic under the sun, it soon becomes clear that the bond between human and animal is a deep, complex and loving one. Far more than a personal memoir about a dearly departed pet, Suki is a philosophical novel full of tender wisdom, and a unique exploration of the relationship between human and animal. Readers who have enjoyed J.R. Ackerley?s My Dog Tulip, Nilanjana Roy?s The Wildings or Paul Auster?s Timbuktu will fall in love with the maddening, lovable, unique character that is Suki?as seen through the eyes of Suniti Namjoshi, her companion, fellow-traveller and one of the foremost women writers of her generation.?

Suki by Suniti Namjoshi ₹299