Savia Viegas "Savia Viegas is an academic and a writer living in Carmona, South Goa. It is the intricate tapestry of their small, secluded and fading world that is a major preoccupation in her novels?Tales from the Attic and Let Me Tell You about Quinta. In many ways this microcosm reflects the larger problems of the Goan society caught in the throes of modernization. Savia Viegas did her schooling at St Pius X Convent, Orlim, and her college education at Shrimatibai Parvatibai Chowgule College, Margao. Subsequently, she moved to Mumbai and graduated from Elphinstone College. She worked for the Times of India group for a number of years before joining as a researcher at the Research Centre for Women?s Studies, SNDT University, Mumbai. After a short stint at the Xavier Institute of Communications, she opted for teaching Indian Art History at a college affiliated to the University of Mumbai where she continued until 2005. Currently, Savia devotes her time to writing, painting and managing a pre-primary school, Saxtti Kids, in the backyard of her old home. She shares her home with five dogs, a cat, a mongoose that inhabits a hole in the roof, and of course, the family. "

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