Ruchika Yadav "Ruchika is a Sales Manager with a German MNC. She is a post graduate in Optometry and Vision Science, but as an Optometrist her journey inside the clinic was short as she soon realized her passion of reaching out to more people and her affinity toward business. Having worked with a few leading brands in the vision care industry, she has spent more than a decade in Sales, Training and Product management roles. Writing and narration comes naturally to her and the idea of this book was planted in her mind when she began to take her hobby of content creation and blogging seriously. Though she is a very active worker who is extremely passionate about her work, much like the protagonist of her tale, most of her free time is spent with her young son who is the centre of her universe. In spite of the fact that travelling and official work take up a very large part of her time, the loving mother and her son are happy with the quality time they spend together. Nature and peace loving Ruchika also likes to spend time with herself. She is of the opinion that it is extremely important for each individual to value oneself and be commited towards whatever he or she does; and this is what makes someone a better and complete person."

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