Nitish Sengupta Nitish Sengupta has represented India at various UN bodies and was elected chairman of the UN Commission on Transnational Corporations. He joined politics in 1996 and was elected to the thirteenth Lok Sabha, where he served as member of several key committees, notably the Public Accounts Committee. He was also general secretary, All India Trinamool Congress. Currently, he is chairman, Board for Reconstruction of Public Sector Enterprises, New Delhi. Sengupta has been a regular columnist in leading dailies and is the author of fifteen books, including several related to management. As a historian, his notable books are History of the Bengali-speaking People, Dr B.C. Roy: Biography and Land of Two Rivers: A History of Bengal from the Mahabharata to Mujib. His other books include Unshackling of Indian Industry, Government and Business, Inside the Street Frame and My Times: A Civil Servant Remembers. He is based in Delhi.

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