Muddupalani Born in Nagavasram in Thanjavur district, Muddupalani was an accomplished dancer well versed in all aspects of sringara rasa. She was a multi-linguist, writing in Sanskrit, Tamil and Telugu. Not content with merely translating the Tamil saint and poetess Andal?s Tiruppavai, she introduced novel elements experimenting with seven line verses called saptapadam, for which she was rewarded in court. She soon caught the attention of King Pratapsimha, who invited her to his court and showered her with gifts. She started to write under the king?s tutelage and, though she pays obeisance to him and acknowledges his largesse, all her works are dedicated to her ishta devta, the young dark god, Krishna. It is not known when exactly she wrote Radhika Santawanam but it must Have definitely been during the years spent as the king?s consort.

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