Mira Nair Mira Nair is the rare, prolific filmmaker who fluidly moves between Hollywood and independent cinema. After several years of making documentary films, Mira Nair made a stunning entry on the world stage with her first feature, Salaam Bombay! (1988), now hailed as a classic. It was the first Indian film to win the coveted Camera D?Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1988, followed by more than twenty-five international awards including an Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars in 1989. Nair then directed Mississippi Masala (1991), The Perez Family (1995), Kamasutra: A Tale of Love (1996) and My Own Country (1998). In 2001, Nair?s Monsoon Wedding won the Golden Lion, Venice?s top prize in cinema, becoming one of the highest grossing foreign films of all time. Her film for HBO, Hysterical Blindness (2002), gave Uma Thurman a Golden Globe for Best Actress, and Emmy Awards for Ben Gazzara and Gena Rowlands. Nair made an acclaimed adaptation of W.M. Thackeray?s Vanity Fair (2004) starring Reese Witherspoon, followed by the acclaimed adaptation of Jhumpa Lahiri?s bestselling novel The Namesake (2006), starring Irrfan Khan and Tabu. In 2009 she directed the aviation epic, Amelia, starring Hilary Swank and Richard Gere. In 2012, Mira Nair was awarded the Padma Bhushan for her work in the arts. Her most recent film is The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2013), based on the novel by Pakistani writer Mohsin Hamid. She is currently involved in the production of the stage musical of her film Monsoon Wedding, due to open on Broadway in 2014.

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