Matt white Matt White has been an entrepreneur ever since he can remember. What he loves most about entrepreneurship is the part where he gets to help people - business owners, start-ups, marketing folks, other entrepreneurs. From black-market "reminders" in the fifth grade to developing online marketing programs for all types of clients today, his focus has always been on helping people. Now founder of Stop SellingStartHelping.com, the online resource where business owners, marketers, and salespeople learn to sell more by "selling" less, and owner of RHNO Shirts (RHNOshirts.com), a t-shirt company that donates half of all profits to help women who have been victims of sexual abuse, Matt gets to help a variety of people every single day. He speaks across the country, leading everything from small workshops and conference breakout sessions (30-45 minutes) to educational seminars (60-90 minutes) to TED-style talks (less than 20 minutes). His Stop Selling. Start Helping.

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