Leela Gour Broome Leela Gour Broome enjoys playing with words–painting her puns into cartoons or cooking up real and imaginary yarns for children and anyone else who is willing to listen. She studied Western music and loves nature having experienced much of it first-hand in nine years of tea plantation life in South India. She thinks she is creative at craft, which she enjoys with her granddaughter. For sixteen glorious years she conducted nature and environment camps for kids she considers all her campers a part of her own family and from all accounts its a feeling that’s apparently mutual. She collects quirky, decorative cows and has them all over her farmhouse. She is married to a diehard gentleman farmer and lives on an organic, wooded farm outside Pune, with a menagerie of pets, resident and migratory birds and some wild animals. To know more about the author and her experiences in the forest of southern India, visit her blog www.fluteintheforest.blogspot.com.

Flute in the Forest by Leela Gour Broome ₹250
Red Kite Adventure by Leela Gour Broome ₹250