Gautam Pradhan "GAUTAM PRADHAN is a Radiologist by profession. Educated in Mumbai, he has been in private medical practice for nearly two decades. He lives in Thane, Maharashtra, with his wife Dipali, son Aditya and daughter Aryaa. Passionate about history, Gautam reads voraciously on the subjectand enjoys visiting places of historical interest. Possessed of an imaginitive mind, he felt caged within the restrictive confines of the medical profession and took to writing as a hobby. It seemed a natural choice to base his first book on historical events and the life and times of a man he has always revered. He devoted eight years to the research and writing of this book, receiving valuable inputs through extensive discussions with eminent historians. The project on Shivaji’s life, in three dramatized volumes, has been an emotional but intensely fulfilling journey. 300 Brave Men (Book I), was published in 2017, to critical acclaim. His other interests include wildlife photography, music and movies."

Lord of the Royal Umbrella : Shivaji - II by Gautam Pradhan ₹399