Dr Anjali Hooda Sangwan MD Dr Anjali Hooda Sangwan, MD (Internal Medicine) is a fellow in Obesity Medicine & Nutrition Support from USA, where she worked for many years. She came back to India and joined Fortis C-Doc Hospital, Delhi. She is currently Medical Director at Center for Obesity and Longevity, running a very successful practice as a Functional Medicine & Advanced Metabolic Specialist. She is also the co-founder of www.livenutrifit.com, an app and web-based lifestyle modification programme. Dr Anjali believes in a holistic, preventive and integrative approach while treating patients, especially for autoimmune and metabolic disorders (diabetes, PCOD, obesity, etc.). She is a national-level swimmer, a fitness enthusiast, a successful motivational speaker and a firm believer in ‘Food is Medicine’. Spending time with her kids is her favourite thing to do. Dr Anjali wants to create easy-to-follow health awareness through this book.

Think, Eat, Live Smart by Dr Anjali Hooda Sangwan MD ₹195