Dileep Padgaonkar Growing up in Mumbai as a son of a Bollywood actor and a businessman Dipankar experienced a need to follow an inner voice that was urging him to embrace a spiritual change. He began his new avataara first as a sadhaka at the Yoga Institute and then as a monk in the Karma Kagyupt sect of Tibetan Buddhism. He was inspired by parallels between Tibetan Buddhist practices, Yoga Psychology and NLP. Apart from his forays in Eastern mystical traditions Dipankar has a dual NLP Certification as Trainer of NLP and Neuro Semantics from UK and USA. He?was?a Certified Meta Coach and Director for India for the International Meta Coaching Foundation. Dipankar is the Founder-Director of Coregem Consulting a Behavioral Education, Research and Training organization.?He?taught?at Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, Mallaya Aditi International School and Drishya an education innovation platform for urban poor children. He lives in Bangalore with his wife Anju and has?two daughters and runs Tushitta Creative which offer an After School Enrichment Program (ASEP) for children.