Chittaranjan pathak "Ranjan is an engineer by profession, who lives in Perth, Western Australia with his wife and two children. His childhood spent in the verdant north-eastern corner of India sparked his fascination for nature and wildlife. On completing his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, he moved to New Delhi for work. He has since completed his master’s degree in process engineering with Monash University. He has lived in Kuala Lumpur, Abu Dhabi and Paris before coming to Australia in 2005. Ranjan is widely travelled and his hobbies include bird watching and reading. His passion for bird watching combined with his love of nature have culminated in extensive exploration of the forests of India, particularly in the remote north- eastern corner. He has organised many bird watching camps in numerous tiger reserves in India. His love for the jungles of India coupled with his interest in the history of the princely states under British India have culminated in his first novel; The Elephant Girl."

The Elephant Girl by Chittaranjan Pathak ₹349