Ashwini Shenoy ASHWINI SHENOY is an electronics engineer by profession and a writer by passion. She had her schooling in various parts of India, travelling to wherever her father?s transferable job took the family. She grew up fluent in Konkani, Kannada, Hindi and English, while having studied Sanskrit and Marathi as well. A fervent reader with an abiding interest in Indian mythology, historical fiction and stories with life lessons, she wrote her first story at the age of eight and has been writing ever since, experimenting across genres and drawing into the limelight some of the most underrated yet pivotal characters of Indian mythology and history, retelling their stories from a more logical and balanced modern perspective. Shikhandini is her first full length book. She is also a keen photographer and an avid painter in oils.

Shikhandini : Warrior Princess of the Mahabharata by Ashwini Shenoy ₹249