Aryaman Darda Aryaman , a bright young man on the threshold of youth, has a deep interest in wildlife since early childhood. In 2017, he launched ‘Little Planet Foundation’ (www.littleplanetfoundation.org), a non-profit initiative to make a difference to our wildlife and nature. An avid photographer, Aryaman held his maiden photography exhibition in Mumbai the same year. In addition to the above, Aryaman is interested in physics, mathematics, football, skiing, and diving to catch a glimpse of the underwater world. Aryaman is a keen reader, enjoying both fiction and non-fiction from an early age. He enjoys expressing his thoughts and feelings in poetry, as this comes naturally to him. He wrote his first poem at the age of ten, and it is part of this collection.

Snowflakes by Aryaman Darda ₹500