Anuja Arora "Anuja Arora is a stay-at-home mom born and living in Mumbai with her husband and two sons. Born to a school teacher and a Regional Manager of Enfield, she has inherited an educated background with great emphasis on the use of spoken English and the merits of good reading habits. Although her roots have been from the busiest city of India, her cravings for the quiet wilderness and the country-side have led to travels across India and abroad. People from different backgrounds, their lifestyles and new places have always interested her and being a keen observer, she has picked up incidents, experiences and anecdotes and weaved them into her writings. Anuja is an alumnus of Jai Hind College, Mumbai with her majors in Psychology and Literature. Since her schooling years has always been inclined to all forms of English literature and her first dabble in written works has been through published poetries and short stories in the local newspapers. She has also helped manage her husband’s businesses including a travels company and a distributorship firm. Invisible Shackles is her first full-length novel."

Invisible Shackles by Anuja Arora ₹249