Ananth Sashikala Sashikala Ananth is author of the bestselling The Penguin Guide to Vaastu: The Classical Indian Science of Architecture and Design. Sashikala Ananth holds a degree in architecture from the School of Architecture, Madras University. She has spent the last twenty years assimilating traditional knowledge and exploring its field application. A recipient of the Ashoka Foundation Scholarship for innovative contribution to the field of architecture, she has also made a film on the art of traditional sculpture. Ananth has been a student of Shri Ganapati Sthapati, a leading authority on Vaastu Shastra and has also translated his text on iconometry into English. She has studied the Vaastu texts extensively and has worked with traditional artisan communities. She lives in Chennai where she works on projects incorporating the wisdom of Vaastu in creative and harmonious ways with the modern lifestyle.